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Why I call myself a healer?

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

To heal is from the Germanic root word which means: to make whole. It is different than to cure. My only desire is to make you whole. We all have parts of us that are in need of healing and wholeness. I am a healer or a facilitator towards that wholeness.

When we discuss healing, we have to begin with wounds or injuries or inflections. It is interesting that the word wound is both the word for inflicting as in I wound someone, and I have a wound - I am wounded. So keep that paradox in mind because it's really important. We wound and we are wounded.

When the physical body gets a wound like a broken bone a cut or bruise, the physical body can take steps to heal. If we have a broken bone, cells moved to that area of the body and begin to heal that part of the body. Or, if there is a bacteria, the circulatory system moves in fights it with our immune system. We also have wounds to our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. These wounds, or traumas, last way beyond the infliction of them, and when they are inflicted the body doesn't move toward healing. These traumas settle in the physical body to process. The body actually starts to separate from that area of the body and wants to break it down.

An example of a wound to the mental body might be gaslighting, shaming, or mind games these are the inflicted wounds. Our wound or result may be racing thoughts, confusion, feelings of shame, or doubt. The trauma has influenced and changed our thoughts about ourselves and the world.

A wound inflicted on the emotional body can look like a loss, another emotional wound might be manipulation of Love, or neglect. (It can do a lot of emotional damage to be neglected.) Our wounds that we carry might feel like fear of being abandoned or rejected, deep grief, or anger, or we may lose connection to our emotions completely.


Spiritual wounds may look like disowning someone or being disowned. When someone feels disowned there is a connection that is broken. Another common wound that we teach or buy into is the idea that our relationship with God should be fear-based and that causes a disconnection. This is a spiritual wound that we inflict on ourselves and others. These spiritual wounds break our connections. That's what the spiritual is all about - connection. Pay attention to your connections or your spiritual body. Connection is the ultimate purpose and mission of your higher self.

Because there are no nerve endings associated with the mental, emotional, or spiritual parts of us the body’s communication system is not clear. Instead of sending signals to the part of us in pain, it starts to break off from that part of us by breaking it down. We need healing. This healing is emotional and physical, mental and physical, spiritual and physical, and sometimes all of the above.

I, Mechelle, have had many healing sessions and I have yet to find a better word than healing to express how I have felt as I found and addressed the wounds I may have inflicted and the wounds inflicted upon me. It is that indescribable feeling that I hope to guide you to as a healer.

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