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Written Upon My Heart - Messages from Heaven

On a radiant morning, with the sun casting its warm golden glow upon the world, I ventured out for Sully's daily walk. As I was enjoying the movement, my eyes fell upon a small rock—a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its heart-shaped form immediately seized my attention. I have quite the collection of heart rocks, but it was the intricate markings etched upon this small heart's surface that ignited a spark within me. For the rest of my walk I was in dialoged about what the rock's meaning or message was for me.

I am getting more comfortable with the idea that it isn't an inner dialog but a conversation with many. These intimate moments of connection have become sacred in my life—a chance to learn, grow, and deepen my understanding of both myself and my relationships. Immersed in the ethereal beauty of these encounters, an overwhelming sense of love and compassion for all of humanity envelops me, as if the universe itself conspires to guide and teach through these subtle interactions. I now make it a constant intention to ask for these moments and they come really often.

For a long time I felt some uneasiness about seeking signs from the heavens or the "many". (I use that term because there have been very different feelings that come and I have not yet come to the conclusion that they are from just one relationship.) Growing up and into adulthood I remember the phrase being said more than once that I was "not to seek signs". The phrase always hit with a singe of guilt as if the conversation itself was wrong. Therefore, I steered myself away from asking for signs but I couldn't deny that signs would often come....until one day.

I remember this "one day" was a crisp spring morning out on my usual Sully stroll feeling a little uneasy or doubting whether I was making up moments where the heavens seemed to send me a small sign when a clear and vivid idea opened up inside me like a burst of light. I was shown inside my mind plenty of moments when signs had been asked of me. Whether they were signs of appearance, what I ate or didn't ingest, how I acted, things I said or didn't say, and even ceremonial signs all sent a message about who I was and what my beliefs were to others and to the heavens. This learning came with a familiar all encompassing love and acceptance that is sometimes overwhelming. I felt as if I was both wrapped in a warm blanket and enlightened all at once. I realized that signs and messages were being communicated and requested from both sides of the veil and that was beautiful!

So this time, as I cradled the heart-shaped rock in my hand, its enigmatic markings beckoning me, I sought an interpretation of this heavenly sign with unwavering confidence. The notion of "written upon the heart" whispered softly in my mind, prompting introspection and contemplation. I reflected upon the words, ideas, and values etched deeply within my own heart—those steadfast principles that guide me, as well as the unexplored territories where growth patiently waits. And within this introspective dance, I recognized that the uniqueness of what is written upon my heart need not mirror the hearts of others. It is diversity that breathes life into our shared existence, sparking conversations and forging connections that transcend boundaries. It is in embracing these differences and acknowledging the perspectives of others that we cultivate empathy, understanding, and personal growth. I asked myself, "How do I feel about these ideas? What do I do with how others may feel about them? What do my feelings make me want to do and should I do them?" And so much more.

These messages, these signs, unfold within me like a blossoming flower. They illuminate the intricate layers of my being, inviting me to marvel at the interconnectedness of life itself. They weave a tapestry of wonder, where each act, gesture, or entity holds multitudes of meanings enveloped in a sign or symbol. Yet, amidst all of lessons, one resounding truth always emerges and I know for sure is written upon my heart—I am seen, I am heard, and my existence matters, just as yours does. It is this belief that kindles the flame of unity, reminding us that in the grand tapestry of humanity, every thread is essential, every voice is significant. I matter and so do you.

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