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Which type are you?

The enneagram is an ancient system used to understand one's self and others. The symbol is a circle with nine points representing the 9 types. The symbol has been called the face of God meaning that each of us is a piece of God and all that we are is worthy of God. One analogy I love is that the enneagram is like a prism holding all the colors and vibrations and only when you shine a light on it can the full spectrum of beauty appear.

By learning my type and the type of those around me, I began to understand myself and them on a deeper level. I could have compassion for the struggles we face as well as giving me a path to move forward. The enneagram also gives you a pattern to learn and grow from. It's so much more than just a personality test, it is a pattern toward wholeness.

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After you take the test, come back here and let me send you some fascinating truths about who you are, how you can progress toward your goals, and how your weaknesses really are the key to finding strength.

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