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My Wounded Purpose

When I was younger my parents fought a lot. I was a sensitive child and the arguing was hard on my little self. Somehow, even at a young age, I was able to see my parents as people with wounds and reactions to those wounds. I felt that if I could make my parents feel better then the conflict would stop. I did my best to do what would make my parents happy. I was a good girl and, although that was probably more authentic to me than just for my parents sake, being good was not completely from a healthy place.

I could predict my parents moods and counteract when needed. I knew just the right things to say or do for a laugh at just the right moment. Many times my efforts worked and there was peace in my home.

Like most of our childhood struggles, our vice is also a virtue in disguise - and sometimes the other way around. I know and am comfortable “in the middle”. I can see both points of view on things. And, I know for sure that I can make people feel better.

Many of you may not know that I am a founding partner in The Wholeness Network. Think of TWN as Netflix for wellness and feeling good. Our library of over 300 is built to help you feel better and to feel good every time you watch a short video or visual meditation, download a graphic or worksheet (check out the games for kids), do some yoga, or experience healing through meditation.

I know because of my own wound that if you feel better then the world becomes a better place. That is my goal. That is my purpose.

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