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Inspiring Minds Want to Know - flashback post

I've been watchin' me some Oprah lately.  If you could hear me speakin' I'd sound like Miss Paula Deeeen since that is my latest and greatest episode of Oprah's Next Chapter.  A fave for sure. 

watching oprah

I have found that being inspired is a quick-fix way to get motivation. I have also found that it doesn't always come to me.  I need to go out and seek it.  But, whether it just shows up or I seek, the motivation comes just the same.  So, here is a list of some of my motivating inspiration.

This Emotional Life - a PBS 3 part series

Oprah's Next Chapter - seeing the world through other people's eyes lets me see through my own eyes with a little more courage and gratitude. - If I could develop a fraction of her optimism...

Home movies - this may be considered negative motivation for some but learning to accept yourself for everything you are moves you forward to who you are becoming.  

and the list goes on.

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