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Energy Therapies and ME

I am a talker and a thinker and both of these things are great. It helps me deal with my

The purpose of talk therapy or energy healing is to change our experience with stressors or traumas in our lives. The thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are associated with these stressors happen because our brains have streamlined a reaction to a particular input. These neural pathways need to be interrupted and rerouted in order for a new behavior to be created.

The difference I found in an energy healing or therapy session was that I was using all of my senses; sounds, smells, touch, and imagery to make these changes and it seemed to give the new habits more to hook on to in my brain. I felt better quicker and my hope for healing grew.

It's tempting to think that one session clears away life's woes and you are done, but I prefer to think of it more like a new part of my routine. Our physical body loves to sleep, eat good foods, move, and have the teeth brushed. We support our physical body every day. Our mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body should be no different. I might see the doctor or nutritionist or personal trainer to take care to another level but I am always taking care.

I have worked endlessly with Robin, my business partner to create a library of simple techniques to support you at home. We call it The Wholeness Network Library. You can try it free for 7 days and I hope you do. Below is a Facebook live tapping technique I did for releasing. Check it out!

You will find:


Rapid Eye Technology

Mirror Work

Energy Circles

Chakra Clearing



and more!

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