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I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke...

In 1969 a group of executives were dealing with flight delays. Tempers were high and everyone in the terminal was justifiably in a bad mood. The next morning one of the executives noticed fellow travelers sipping Coke; chatting and joking – a scene very different than what he had experienced just hours before. That executive wrote a tagline on a napkin and in 1971 Coca-Cola released its famous “I’d like to buy the world a coke” commercial.

I was not yet born in 1971 but I know this song and remember it. Seeing the different nationalities harmonize I get goose bumps when I see the commercial, do you? Forty-seven years ago and it is still relevant.

1971 was not a peaceful, happy period in the world. Major earthquakes, tornadoes, political unrest and war were significant in the timeline of that year. Sound familiar? But, when just one group of people from different backgrounds gathers together and sings about living in harmony, the atmosphere instantly changes. The vibration in the room rises up to happiness, peace, joy and hope and can last 47 years.

In 2018, we are being called to gather and sing. We have the power to change the vibration of the earth and begin to live in harmony. We can be in any space and create harmony where we stand. If harmony can exist where we stand than it is our experience. Choose harmony.

Many times we have to choose harmony within ourselves. Things are not harmonious and that is a fact. In this instance we must harmonize with the struggle. We must accept it. A beautiful harmony is created by singing with the melody using complimentary notes and timing. The song comes alive.

diet coke

​​In my world, I would buy you a Diet Coke. It’s a perfect middle-ground kind of drink. To some it is the devil’s spit and to others baby’s milk. If everyone could try sitting together sipping on Diet Coke the world might just get along. It's worth a try.

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