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The Recipe for Peace

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When I was young my mom sang me this primary song every night. I was the youngest, and although we had a talk about how she couldn't carry me to bed any longer at eight, my mom still rocked me every night in a blue, upholstered rocker she had recovered herself.

Now that she has passed, I cherish those moments more than ever. I remember how certain words were emphasized in her singing and how I could tell her mood by how quickly or slow the tempo of the song was. Mother's are always complex, aren't they? I'm glad I can choose to look at the positive memories and look to compassion for the rest. There were other songs she would add on occasion but it was always this song, "Heavenly Father Loves Me", every night.

As an adult, I have come to see the gift her repetitiveness was in my life. I have a strong unapologetic understanding of yours and my importance is in the universe. God is a loving God and we are His. He receives joy through us. I love to call Him Father and Her Mother and I have imagined myself in a parental embrace many times in my life. I'm not sure my earthly mom could have gifted me a better gift than to support this kind of relationship through song.

The other day as I heard children sing this song, I held back tears remembering my mom. The two lines "all his creations of which I am a part" and "I know Heavenly Father loves me" were so powerful I immediately wrote them down so I could take them in better. My heart still beats a little harder when I think about them. These two concepts can change the world.

Today we refer to "of which I'm a part" as "being at one" or "oneness", "being in alignment" or "connected" or numerous other modern phrases. All of them agree that we are a part of everything and if we love and respect all, we love and respect ourselves and visa versa.

"I know Heavenly Father loves me" doesn't mention certain conditions or requirements - I wouldn't know how to turn off my love for my own children - even if I tried. When we start from a place of I am loved, then our desire to reach out in love increases. God's love would live in us and come through us. World peace would be a real thing. We would live in harmony as brothers and sisters of all species, race, and gender - applauding the part each plays. The fighting would stop, not because we all agree, but because we love.

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