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I've been there too

Childhood has many purposes. One of which is to create an identity and view of the world. A child learns through the eyes of the adults they are with the most. As we grow throughout life this inner child is always there. The makeup of who we are is rooted in our inner child.


We have all had difficulties that shape us and these difficulties can get passed on to children without intent. They are not able to understand the complexities of things and many times they will take on their own meaning, to their own detriment. And, sometimes, we are these children.

The Truth

We take on beliefs about ourselves and the world through our experience. Too many times these beliefs are holding us back. During times of stress, we separate from pieces of ourselves as a way to make sense of difficult things. Our mind needs answers for why hard things happen even if the answer is that we somehow deserve it, which is never the truth but it somehow stops the questioning.
These false beliefs can lay dormant for years until some kind of pain brings them to the surface for reconciliation. Whether that pain shows up physically in the body or heartache of the soul, there is a way to let go of these false beliefs and bring back those pieces we separated from.


Your time to heal is now and you are worthy of love and compassion.

There are several processes I have to help. They are meant to be as gentle as possible. Your inner child needs this gentle approach.

I have had many sessions healing my inner child. They have transformed the understanding of my experiences and brought me so much peace. In all my healing sessions and sessions I have done for others, the problems in life can be traced back to the inner child. Whatever hard times you are having currently, let's discover the buried


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If you have difficulty understanding your own feelings, as well as others' - feeling disconnected, unfulfilled or empty. if you have difficulty trusting or relying upon others. Or, describe yourself as feeling different from other people; like something is wrong with you, CEN could be the reason why. It might not be what happened in your childhood, but what didn't happen.

Get Answers  now

The CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Studyuncovered a stunning link between childhood trauma and the chronic diseases developed as adults, as well as social and emotional problems. This includes heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes and many autoimmune diseases, as well as depression, violence, being a victim of violence, and suicide. Take this simple test to find out your score.

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