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About me


Mechelle is the Founding Executive of The Wholeness Network. In addition, Mechelle is a gifted intuitive, healer, and mentor. She is continually learning and developing her gifts - expanding truth is her delight.


Her gift of love is one of her greatest assets. She accepts and loves people with all backgrounds. Her hope is to find common ground with all she comes in contact with and help humanity bridge the “gaps” that seem to separate us. 


Mechelle has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine as well as several television segments. Her take on weight loss is revolutionary.  She helps clients understand and take action and, at the same time, supports them in learning to love themselves as they are. She authored the book, “A Mentality Workout: Exercises for Permanent Weight Loss” in 2015 after keeping her own weight off for 8+ years. 


Mechelle’s favorite attribute has been that of wife and mother. The precious souls she has shared a home with for over 24 years have been her greatest teachers, her biggest cheerleaders, and her closest friends. Spending time with them - especially on vacation - is her favorite pastime.


Certified Natural Healing - Weber State University

Master Energy Therapist - Mindvalley Academy

Holy Love Karuna Reiki Master - Intern'l Center for Reiki Training

Munay-ki  Rites - Spirit Keepers Tribe

Heart Centered Therapy - Chikly Institute

Brain Reflex - Chikly Institute

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Achology

NLP - Auspicium UK

Treating Trauma Master Series - NICABM

Mechelle uses her gifts to heal others. She is a great listener and very intuitive and is excellent at adding value and working together to achieve healing.  ~Cynthia


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