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I've been there too

Hanging on to extra pounds?

One day I asked myself,

"what if the weight existed in my emotional body?"

That question changed everything.

4 Part Process to discover the root of your  stubborn-to-lose weight without food restrictions or the gym

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Here is how to get your free gift!

If you are wanting or needing more, keep reading. I have ways to support you.

If working on your own is supportive of your weight loss journey, I have created an 8 week online class with weekly videos and simple steps to help you uncover the core of the weight you are carrying.

In this class we cover

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Let's do this together

After success on my own weight loss journey I came to realize that losing those extra pounds had less to do with what I was eating or how I was exercising than it did with understanding how my current state had been my friend, my safety, my solution. Getting to the root of my relationship to food was enlightening - both figuratively and literally.

I am confident that as we ask the right questions and hold love and compassion at all times, we can move you toward a physical body that matches the joy and peace you will feel inside.

This 90 day journey we take together includes my book, free access to my online class, weekly sessions, as well as weekly support.

Want one on one support?

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