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I've been there too

I think almost all people have looked in the mirror and not liked what they have seen at one time or another in their life. Why do we do that?  Hundreds of people are looking at that same image every day and they are not put off they don't run in horror and yet the mirror can be so unfriendly.

The Truth

There are only thoughts going through our minds in front of the mirror. They are not facts. And, they are mostly thoughts of comparison. Comparisons we believe to be accurate based on our past experiences. We get to choose, through practice, what we say to ourselves. Our path is a healing path and in the end, we get to create reality!

You are an integral part of this planet. Worthy of love and compassion


When you start to heal the wounds that stop you from believing your worth wholeheartedly, losing weight becomes easy. Eating conscientiously will become a habit. Positive experiences in front of the mirror become a regular occurrence. Life feels whole.

I have taken this journey and can support you in yours. I asked myself this question, "If I think of myself as an emotional eater, then what if the weight exists in my emotional body? What if the physical approach of deny and abuse wasn't the answer for me" The deeper question for losing weight for good is


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