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I've been there too

We have all had difficult experiences. Sometimes we recover from these difficulties more easily than other times. We move on and, although we might look back with sorrow, it has moved through us. But, often we have difficult moments that do not pass through us. The difficult moment somehow gets stuck. The emotional impact was so great.

The Truth

There are difficult situations that are big. We call them big T traumas. The impact on our wellbeing is obvious. The experience is so traumatic that it changes us all the way down into the cells of our being and cells reproduce. Anything that might resemble that situation has the power to take us right back there. Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies may have a visceral response.
There are also little t traumas. These can be challenging because they might not be so obvious. Ourselves and others may not see or understand, but the visceral response may be exactly the same. To the physical, emotional, and mental bodies it is exactly the same. Uncovering these traumas is vital to our emotional wellbeing.

The trauma is real and you are worthy of love and compassion.


Trauma is a real thing. It needs to be taken seriously. I was able to be trained in a technique aimed at releasing the trauma from the brain and body. I knew I had to get this training after receiving it for myself.

There is help for the heartache that seems to go beyond your natural ability to withstand. It is real and it needs special attending to. My goal is to help you understand and know


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