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We all create

When decisions have to be made it is easy to go into what is the "right" choice to make. When the decision is between whether to have lunch or rob a bank the "right" feels a little more clear. But, when your choice is between schools to attend or jobs to take and even who to spend your life with the pressure begins to build.

I had a moment like this when I was pregnant with my fourth child. I had always felt right about four but I had never received a message from heaven bestowing honor to my feeling.

I was walking across the street one day (Isn't it amazing when these kinds of moments freeze in your mind? These are moments of personal revelation.) and it's like a thousand thoughts came together and I understood something profound. It will take me longer to explain it than the time it took to understand it and the vocabulary is never quite adequate. But, I will try.

I get to choose. My choices are beautiful. I am trusted enough to choose. I am given all I need to move forward. If my feelings of "right" changed in the future I would not be found lacking in my decision now. I could create my life. I no longer had to hope I was getting it right.

The tiny seed of that moment has grown into a most beloved life creed. I am a creator. I was designed in HIS Image to be a creator.

On November 8, 2017 I was reminded of this creed in my morning practice. I was wondering how I could teach the people of the world of their greatness and not move into judgement. I hope to stand with my readers not tower above them self righteously. I wanted to honor my God and get council at the same time. The two were hard to mesh, I hate to admit. The answer came so quickly, so elegantly that I can in no way take credit for it.

Be still and know that I am God paints a picture of grandness and omnipotence. I am standing in the center of the universe with my arms reaching out in the grandness of creation. Move and know I am your father paints the picture of a loving relationship. I have the creator of all willing and ready to hear my ideas and send concourses of angels to help me. He is my Father cheering me on as I create my experience.

That moment in November of 2017 solidified the all encompassing relationship God, Heavenly Father (and Mother) and I share for now and throughout all eternity. And, it is yours too. For someday, our understanding of the infinite will be within our reach.

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