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The Secret to Defying Natural Laws

One of these is gravity. As a result of living on the earth, we experience gravity.

Every human is influenced the same way. There are positive influences and negative ones. For example, gravity keeps us from floating off into space which is very positive. But, gravity also makes us fall down if we trip.

Over the thousands of years on the earth man has found ways to bend gravity. We both use gravity and defy gravity when we fly in an airplane. Gravity itself is the very key to defying it.

Gravity is a force used to benefit and hinder our experience. Although it stops me from jumping up to the tops of the mountains, I don’t hate it or blame it or feel uncomfortable because it exists.

Another law within this physical sphere is time. Both time and gravity change with location. Different planets have different amounts of gravity and measure time differently. It's super sciency stuff!

Time is universal for all on this earth. It's dished out equally. We have influenced time in a sense as we have sped up the time it takes to get information, or cook food, or get places. And like gravity, it took time, the very force itself to create this defying of time. Although we may curse time while waiting or when it feels like it moves too fast, we accept it - we must accept it.

The last law of the physical world I want to talk about is agency. We all have it - equally. Our ability to make choices and experience results is the same for all. But this force is one that we like to hate. We want it for us, and we want to change it and control how others use it. We can be very uncomfortable in the presence of someone using their agency differently than we would.

I like to wonder what would happen if we treated this natural law like the others? What if we saw the downside of agency like we see the downside of gravity or time - like just a nuisance and not a hindrance to happiness and joy?

Just like the other laws, the law itself is the key to overcoming the pain of it. What if we use agency in choosing something different? When we choose something different then something different has to show up. We choose to love instead of hate or we choose love instead of discomfort - which comes from judging. I think the result is more love! We get more love!

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