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The Key to Human Connection

The body 💪🏼💪🏾💪🏿💪🏻

There are so many layers of judgment on or with the body.

The body is more than appearance and function. It is our guide. Our body is the way we literally experience the world.

To some I can say the word “Covid” and feelings or sensations will either speak the language of fear or suspicion. “Mask” brings similar opposing sensations - the vax as well. Someone that holds the fear of their freedom being taken away is experiencing the exact sensations in the body as someone upset at a lack of responsibility on behalf of all. This space is where WE CAN BRIDGE A CONNECTION.

You know exactly how the “other” is feeling because you go through it yourself. You know the anger and the worry. You Experience thoughts rushing through the mind. You know the rush when you read or hear things that further deepen your point of view. You know what it's like when you are confronted with information that conflicts with your beliefs and how we push them away, judging the other and, without much effort on our part, shifting ourselves back to the safety of our side of the clash.

This is the pattern. This is how we ALL operate. We might have to slow down to catch it, but it's there.

We do it with pandemics, politics, religious practices, what is appropriate to eat or drink or wear, and we do it in national pride. The side we stand on is much more influenced by our circumstances and surroundings than by truth. (Ding. 🛎That statement just invoked opposing sensations among readers. Stop and recognize yours.)

It is worth asking ourselves how we would instruct another to change OUR minds? What words or phrases would convince us? What evidence would have to be presented? Are we willing to change? Do we save this kind of persuasion power only for a leader or parental figure thereby lessening the importance of our fellow humans?

If we ourselves are firmly planted and closed off, we have no place demanding changes in someone else. Curiosity is not a weakness. It is a virtue.


This is also the key to human connection and understanding. If we can put aside the “story”, we are left with the same experience. This is the common ground. This is where peace and humanity reside.

When you hear phrases like people are “waking up” or “ascending”, it is often referring to the ability to pull out of the stories we are surrounded by and moving back in with different eyes. We feel compassion for the “other” because we understand we are them. Our experience allows us to unite. We become one. We become whole and with that wholeness, we feed the world peace, kindness, healing, compassion, empathy, and love. 💗

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