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Taking the best from HIStory and adding HERstory

It takes some stretching of the mind but when you try to look at life from different perspectives you begin to see what gets taken for granted. I heard it described this way, "you must question things as if you have just landed from another planet".

One day in the car we were trying this idea out and my husband wondered out loud why when we go to the garage he walks to the driver's seat and I automatically become the passenger. No one told us or taught us that way of living, why? It got me thinking.

As males have been the predominant leaders throughout history, we have been blessed with certain values. Men are amazing at protection. The male energy knows how to hold back, assess situations for danger, and over the ages, create different tools and techniques to defend and protect the people. We need this protection and defense.

The female energy is one of reaching out, of nurturing. Females run toward the squabble. She looks for solutions and investigates why the squabble began in the first place and is willing and able to make multiple solutions. Right, ladies? We've all tailored dinner for picky individuals. It's what we do.

The male energy imagines and conquests. Staking a claim on the land lasted from the

dawn of time until the landing on the moon. The conquering of new lands has not been as common in the last few decades. Now, we seem to change the landscape we already own. I am in complete amazement watching a group of construction workers bring a piece of paper to life - creating something out of lines, measurements, and materials.

The female energy looks at what is and finds ways to beautify it. Women have been the primary food preparers and the countries with the longest histories seem to have the most complex ingredients. I often imagine a beautiful mama at the fire or stove layering flavors in a new way and sharing. What a gift these women have given - they have beautified food. We even look in the mirror and enhance what we see.

The male energy measures and categorizes people and things into productive groups. In a flash, this energy tells us where we belong in the hierarchy of the situation. It might take some of that alien perspective to see but it's there. In a conquest mindset, this shortens the process saving energy and maybe even lives.

Female's true energy is one of inclusion. Try to get a woman to name her favorite child or friend and few of us can. We love. We see good in things and people. We may not always include the one left out but we certainly notice them. We have room for growth for sure.

Of course, men can be wonderful nurturers and women are wonderful builders and defenders. Both sexes have endless potential. Both are needed and valuable. But, maybe a lil' more feminine could add something new to the HIStory of the world.

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