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Princess You

I have had a fun time raising my daughter lately.  I have been accustomed to cars and trucks and video games with the boys but for my sweet lady it is all princess (with a bit of Katy Parry - the girl loves music. She is the one I am having to remind to "turn it down".)  For her birthday I downloaded a bunch of princess songs and came across this little song. I love the lyrics.

As we were having a karaoke moment this morning I found the video below.  I thought about how all princess lives are not fairy tales - pun intended.  I myself would not recover from the first fifteen minutes of a Disney princess movie without some major counseling and heavy medication.  

The whole secret to being a princess is the attitude she takes toward life.  Many times it is the only thing she really has control over in her life. Her smile and optimism is really where her beauty comes from.

Now, you do not have to tell me, LIFE IS HARD.  Feeling confident about yourself can feel like that first fifteen minutes. We cannot be a princess everyday but I am going to try to practice being a princess as much as I can.  If discouraging thoughts are getting you down then change them for that moment and little by little moments become hours and then they become days.  

Next time you look into a full length mirror, bow.  You are seeing a princess in the making.  (guys - a prince)  

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