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PRIDE in Who You ARE

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Have you ever felt the rush of elation when someone compliments you on your hair or clothing, or when the chemistry spark is ignited between two people? As humans, these moments are some of the most electrifying experiences we can have. They validate us and lift our esteem.

In my work, I have come to understand that many of our loved ones on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum have not had these experiences or if they have, they quickly push them away because they don’t match the imposed values and beliefs agreed upon by our current society. This poses a huge problem inside them.

I don’t want to challenge values and beliefs, but the truth is, humans cannot suppress their biological responses long term and biological responses are not a choice to be made. I don’t know how I would begin to refuse the rush from my partner’s admiring glance or to create one I don’t have if a female looks my way. How nice it would be to not have to stop to go to the bathroom either? We can prolong the stop, but it will not be ignored. It is biologically the way we are made. The rush of love that does or does not sweep over us is no different.

The logical step forward is for every individual to understand themselves and make decisions on their own, AND make room for others’ decisions. It will take effort to achieve this kind of society, but it must be done. We are losing too many precious souls to the overwhelming pain we, maybe unintentionally, help impose. We can do better. For a time it may feel like we are overcompensating, we may fly a flag for a whole month. Things will balance on their own in time.

I am giving away a free meditation for ALL that’s purpose is to connect us with our highest selves. When we connect with this part of who we are, the truth, we are willing to be more loving and accepting of ourselves and others. It is our true divine nature to find peace within everyone and everything.

This is 100% free! You can download and share it at

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