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Miracles and Conspiracies

As human beings, we like sure things. We love predictability and order in our lives.

We like to feel safe. Except when we don’t. We love movies with a twist. We love unexpected movements on amusement rides. And, we love to ride the edge of danger.

Last year my husband and I traveled 3700 miles up over and through two countries and 11 states. It was the greatest adventure all BECAUSE we didn’t know exactly where we were going next or what the journey would have in store.

When Miracles happen we can define them as good outcomes that we don’t understand or that don’t have any logic or reason attached. We love it and accept it. We don’t have a need to have definitive answers. Can you think of a miracle in your life? What was that like at the time and as you look back?

When bad things happen we try to make sense of it. We don’t accept it. We don’t love it. We might even call them bad BECAUSE they were unexpected or unpredicted. Many times our brain needs answers. The mental body has one goal - keep the person safe. The concept of “unsure” will drive the mind to find “sure” anyway and at any cost.

The mind works best when things are certain. Except when it doesn't - like when we feel something is a miracle.

If we let the brain have its frantic way then finding Certainty can show up like:



Mind reading


Anything it can create to try and know what is unknown.

Anything to make it seem like there is certainty or a reason.

It seems to me that we might be living on a spectrum of miracles on one end and conspiracy on the other. On one end we accept the not knowing and on the other, we find a reason even if that reason requires us to fill in some blanks with information that we don’t know for sure. How can we spend more time on the side of miracle? What do we have Against the unknown, non-order, or uncertainty at one end of the spectrum and not on the other?

If we really slow it down we can understand why.

Being Uncertain about something we dislike sends uncomfortable sensations in the body. Think about how that feels to you. Maybe there is what we might call a sinking sensation. A burning, yucky feeling in our gut. A tension in certain muscles. Our minds race and runs thoughts that are attached to those sensations. The mind looks for reasons as to why. We then feel emotions that feel yucky in the body and it repeats and repeats.




Many times, it doesn’t stop until there is something to blame and then anger helps shift us into a new state. BUT, the real enemy is the sensations, thoughts and Emotions. If they didn’t exist then no problem. Have you ever been around a friend that is really upset and you are hearing what they are saying but you are not as affected by the situation? You are not having this merry go round experience. When we can accept that the sensations, thoughts, and emotion are where our battles with uncertainty actually take place, then winning the war is always, always possible.

Let’s backtrack and test the theory on miracles. Remember miracles were unexpected and without certainty but somehow they are non-threatening. Miracles are called miracles BECAUSE they are unknown with no solid explanation.

When a miracle happens, sensations of yummy warmth. Maybe we feel a tingly sensation, and/or a filling up or swelling. We have thoughts of amazement and gratitude. Feelings of love and awe sending more sensations and thoughts. We’ve all had these moments. We all want more of this!!

By practicing the slowing down of both of these experiences, our lives can become exponentially better. During the miracle, we could sit in that goodness a little longer really seeing and feeling the awe that accompanies it. AND, What if? WHAT IF? When those sensations of sinking or tensions kick in we stop. Maybe we don’t catch it until thoughts or emotions show up, BUT what if, we had a practice or a technique - help for that moment so that when we see the merry-go-round happening, independent of whatever story is playing it out, we can shape and reform the sensations, which change the thoughts, which affect the emotions? AHHHHH

Wouldn’t that be a miracle?

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