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Belief in Theory...or Reality?

What we observe is real. It is a scientific concept. Einstein asked, “is the moon there when nobody looks?” Under the rules of, physics, the answer is no. It sounds unimaginable. But, if you can imagine it then it does exist. Cue the dramatic organ music.

Scientific achievement aside, if it is not in our consciousness it can’t exist. We cannot achieve what we do not see or conceive. And, inadvertently, what we can conceive is what we will achieve. This may be a more difficult obstacle to overcome. It will take a wholeness or balance within before we move into a positive direction.

For many of us, it will take some “work” to invite the concept of wholeness into our everyday consciousness. For some, it is spiritual work or physical work, others' emotional or mental work. Most of us need another’s help with this work. Be willing to get some "work done" - whichever speaks to you the most. Having a life of balance mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically is a whole life.

Your whole life does exist. You only need to observe it in a way that speaks your language. Paul Selig once said, "what impedes us from feeling whole, is the belief that it cannot be.

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