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Beginning a Healthy Lifestyle - Two Things you need

In every story, there is a beginning, middle, and an end. Right here and right now can be the

beginning of your new story. The beginning is important. At the beginning of a story, characters are introduced and the setting is described in tantalizing detail. The beginning is where the storyteller gets us hooked as we anticipate the journey of the characters inside the story. “In the beginning” is where creation takes place and this is your time to create a new you, however you wish to create it.

Being at the beginning is exactly the best place for you to be. Where would some of our favorite stories be without the beginning? A girl’s fairy godmother gives her a nice dress and some glass shoes, and she goes to a nice dance. She loses her shoe on the way home, and then she ends up marrying a prince. Without the beginning, there is no empathy for Cinderella. The real emotion in this story comes from knowing where she has been and what she has had to overcome. Her parents died and she is left to a life of servitude in her own home. This pivotal perspective of why the happily-ever-after ending is so wonderful and great has context because of her hardships. The hardships come at the beginning of the story, not the resolution. In Disney’s version, none of the characters have even uttered a word before you empathize with Cinderella.

How about this one? A young man hangs around a girl, a handsome funny guy, and a large ape-like creature. Then he flies around in a mini spaceship wearing an orange jumpsuit and shoots a big hole into a giant metal planet. The entire context of the Star Wars epic is lost without the beginning of the story. The young and innocent Luke Skywalker loses his home and all of his family in the name of the giant metal planet. His hero’s journey is all the more heroic knowing his beginnings. When the second trilogy was released Darth Vader, who was easy to hate before, now becomes more complex with an understanding of his beginning.

In spite of each of these characters’ difficult beginnings, they triumphed. They didn’t lose hope. They kept up the good fight until they reached their ultimate goals. Their beginnings were hard, undesirable, and tragic but that only made the story worthwhile.

Never be ashamed of being at the beginning of a story, especially this one. Accept the place where you are. The future may look bleak from this viewpoint. A good story often does. We are at the beginning of this story though, not the end. In the beginning, the possibilities are endless. It is an exciting time. Take all the excitement in. You may even want to write down the story, so you can begin to create it.

This is the beginning of my book A Mentality Workout - Inner Exercises for permanent weight loss. My book is a how-to, but it is meant to be funny and entertaining too. Its goal is to change the way you have been thinking about losing weight.

For the next few months, I will focus on all four bodies, and all this month I am focusing on the physical body or things of form. I think it is important to become familiar with each of these different energies within us. I am always learning and relearning new things about them.

I am going to spend time talking about how these bodies within us relate to things like finances, family, and more. I’m going to review a movie each month that focuses and speaks to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical parts of us. This month, Brittney Runs a Marathon.

Many people make getting healthier a new year goal. I did this year. In 2008 I lost 4 dress sizes. I learned so much about myself on that journey. I wrote a book and created an online class to help others on their journey. It's 2020 WAIT! It isn’t! But it was 2020 and my pants got a little tighter so I’m taking my own advice. I’ve updated my online class and I am giving it away FREEEE for a time. Click the link for more information.

This class is an 8 week course. I believe removing unwanted pounds should be more of a healing journey than a physical body punishment. Losing weight is HARD. We must ask the question, why?

Weight is a byproduct of what is happening, not the cause. We must wonder about the cause. We must move into that space and shine a light on it. Light makes every scary thing disappear so that should be motivation right?

Weight loss that is permanent comes from one or both of these experiences

1 – A moment of a complete change of perceptions and beliefs that change you on the cellular level

I had one of these moments. I talk about it in my book. In a single instant, I was changed. My beliefs about my ability to be thin a blink of an eye.

2- Practice change again and again until it changes you on a cellular level.

I wish my big shift was that I no longer craved sweets or that I no longer desired to eat cheeseburgers but that wasn’t the case. I had to learn and practice what my choices were costing me and how I could improve those choices. I practiced eating smaller portions and 12 years later I still eat smaller portions. It has become my normal. I am a smaller portion person on a cellular level. There are always things to practice. Even professional athletes practices regularly.

If you are beginning a weight release journey check out the class. We only work with the physical body when we speak about or take on removing pounds. Don’t fall for that this time. Learn how all the body's energies affect the weight we carry.

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