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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Updated: May 18, 2020

Do you remember that movie Somewhere in Time?  I bet I have seen that film over a dozen times.  It was a favorite of my mom's and chick flick lovers alike.

In the movie, Christopher Reeve falls in love with a woman from the early 20th century and trains his mind to live in her era. He meets her and they fall in love. The whole science of the matter gets lost in the romanticism - as all the greats do. At the end (beware spoiler ahead), he pulls a bright and shiny 1979 penny from his pocket and his "trick" is up.         

I have found that "pennies" exist for me in my mental training as well. When they pop up it is disheartening. I am not talking about being sick of the work it takes to be healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically; it is not a motivation thing at all.  Nor am I talking about some kind of plateau that drags on and on.  It is an instant dash of reality... or not.

Enough with the bull..ogna.  The other day "the penny" (it is a long story and really not relevant) made my image in the mirror frown back at me.  In an instant, I see the distorted me.  I know it isn't the real version of me in the mirror, I know that logically, but the flaws stare out at me like the sun shining in the sky.

Part of the "training your mind" stuff I am always talking about is looking at the positive. Building yourself up. Focusing on all the good parts of you and ignoring all the rest (most everyone does that with you so why not join the crowd).  You only have to convince one person that the person in the mirror is smokin' hot, smart, balanced, and free.  Nothing else really matters, right?    

Fighting these "pennies" is, for me, the hardest battle in life.  I would much rather deal with other setbacks.  Pennies take all the strength I've got.

How do I conquer pennies?  Well, in the movie he tried a different tactic to be with his beloved again.  Was it a good one? That is the great part about movies. We all get our own opinion.

For me, I have to talk my way through the pennies.  I have the most wonderful husband that will listen and I have to go right back to my proven self-talk. Which now that I think about it is the way he made his journey in the movie.  And, I have to be patient enough to know that it will take a little time to get back on track.  If I let my expectations rule my timing then I am doomed before I start.

This road is hard but the hardest challenges have the biggest rewards.  Let's keep our heads in the game - this current game and we will eventually win. 

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