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How My Messages Come Through

Here is a small glimpse into what I experience as I write my letters to God.


One morning I was asking to understand more about desire. I love the fact that such a simple concept is all that is required of us to be gifted faith. But, how is it enough? Is desire the same as a wish?

As I asked Father these questions a picture opened up to me and in two seconds of earthly time I received a gigantic understanding that, at least for me, helped me understand the power of desire. And, what was meant by "even if ye can no more than desire".

I first understood/saw desire represented as fuel. When one has desire they are motivated to receive or achieve something. It isn't the action but it can fuel action. It's more of a longing.

Then I understood/saw how spark is made. Two forces rub against each other and create friction then spark. I wondered what two forces would be symbolic here. I immediately knew study and prayer were simple answers. In fact, for a second I thought they were the two forces, but then I understood that those were both the same force. Both of them require outward movement, so to speak. They wouldn't oppose each other enough to create the friction.

So, if they were outward moving then what would be the equivalent inward movement - strong enough to create friction? It was then that force two, listening, was made clear. Last year I took a 7 month "shamanic walk". What I learned from that experience was the practice of listening. It is one of the most powerful and cherished lessons of my life. I highly recommend a guided journey about how to listen, however that looks for you.

And, in much less time than it took to type this I was giving the answer to my question. If I used desire as a fuel and added a spark made from prayer, study and listening something would ignite and had potential to explode. Small and simple things have potential to expand far beyond their sum. I am small and simple but in partnership with other small and simple things great things can come to pass.

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