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Call them friend

On October 28, 2017 in my letter to God I asked the question, "How can I be a better person? Is there something I am missing?" It was a very broad question and I felt a little strange asking it. On one hand, because it was so broad, I was really pushing the limits of my confidence in receiving an answer. And, on the other hand, the broad question could have any number of answers. Was I really ready to hear the list?

Call all the people of the world friend

I claim perfection only in my imperfection and my particular imperfection is what makes me different which I embrace, but I am always in need of improvement and growth. The list had a lot of potential to be very, very long. Not to mention, improvement and growth isn't always the most comfortable experience - especially at the beginning. I was hesitant to receive an answer.

Luckily, this morning my answer was only four sentences long. I am sad to admit that the sentences were uncomfortable for me. I am more of an introvert and completely at home in small familiar groups so this was definitely going to grow and improve me.

The morning's lesson was about making friends. Call them friends, was the gist of what I was told. In just four sentences I knew exactly what the lesson was and it was calling me out.

Smiling and being friendly is an easy thing for me to do but for some reason friendship is somewhat sacred to me. I call people my "neighbor" or "the lady I sit by". It was time to make a change, I was going to start calling people my friends. The cashier at the store is now my friend at the store - kind of like the way Hawaiians call everyone cousin. It's a great concept that I am trying to embrace and I hope catches on.

I think it is amusing - now that I am so enlightened on this matter (eye roll) - that Facebook invited us to do this years ago and none of us consider ourselves with over a billion friends. We should! We are all connected by that one "neighborhood". The notion of "friend" should be more informal. If we have one friend than we are a friend. No need for distinguishing and defining beyond that anymore. It is rightfully our title and the same goes for all others.

The origin of the word "friend" shares a common root with "free" and means "to love". I didn't know this before I began this post. How beautiful is it to have the idea of friend and free relate the concept of love? How profound my lesson really was! Expanding my circle of friends will make me free and if I am all about sharing love then "friend" is exactly the title I should give to all those with whom I associate.

Thank you, friend, for your presence in my life whether big or small. I send my love to you freely!

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