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The Direction of Progression

Albert Einstein

One of the reasons I love to study Albert Einstein is because of the way he produced theories. He never sat in a lab with a white coat and played with test tubes. He sat in quietness and pondered the things of the world and beyond. He imagined and visioned his experiments. It is amazing that a mind has that kind of potential. What if expanding thought was his intelligence? What if doing the same could bring us answers beyond our own capabilities?

Arguably, Einstein's most important discovery was his understanding of time and space. He imagined himself moving at the speed of light. He realized that movement would be different compared to when he was standing still. It sounds kind of crazy but try watching this simple video to get a better understanding. We all experience these laws of physics everyday, we just don't give them big names like "special relativity". (I click the gear icon and speed up the video;)

One day in my letter to God, I was asking for help releasing jealousy, anger and fear. I was kind of down on myself for not being more at ease with loving everyone. "It should be easy" I wrote. My answer still sends my mind on a trip. I could ponder and ponder it.

"Dear Mechelle,

I love you and I allow life to progress. Progression must take place in all directions because that is where eternity lives. Embrace all progression. It works for your good..."

progression takes place in all directions because that is where eternity lives

At first I was not sure how this message applied to my question until I remembered Einstein and his theory. Moving forward for me physically might be different than someone else and so it would make sense that that rule might relate spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even financially as well.

I pondered my own little thought experiment and noticed that if I was floating in space "up" and

"down" would exist in every direction. There is no top in infinity. I can move in a direction relative to me as up but it is not really up. I have, however, progression from where I was. I could learn something from this space I could not have learned anywhere else. To someone else floating in space "up" may look completely different. It is only relative to the space each person is in.

up in space

If I bring that theory to earth than I could begin to take in progression wherever I went. Some moves will teach me things of a higher plane and others a lower but I have still progressed in my understanding. My center only exists between the two opposites and is always in motion. I can't move in one direction without an understanding of it's opposite. The one constant is light. Isn't that a beautiful metaphor?

If I could look at other's choices as progression, because they are learning something, it was easier to be okay with where they are at the moment. Their current relationship to "up" was different than mine.

This idea expanded the love I had for others. Now, I could have a joyful love - something even greater than I understood before. Something I began to recognize as His greatest and deepest teaching in my letter, "I love you".

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