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My Letters to God

letter to God

There are those precious times in your life when someone shares an idea and it sends vibrations throughout your body and you know you are receiving revelation. It is more common for me to be told by several people, I begin to see a pattern and then the vibrations hit and I am set on a path.

In 2017 I was privileged to begin working with Robin. She has many gift but her greatest in my eyes is the acceptance and wonder she has towards all good things. She began her own "letters to God" journal the year before. As she shared her sacred communion I admit I was envious. She encouraged me to try for myself - to really foster a relationship with God. My own personal relationship, which I thought I already had.

A few months went by and I was visiting with Michell. She really encouraged me to communicate with the heavens. She said to write whatever came to my mind and I would begin to see a message. With two witnesses I was ready to try. (my narrowing down to only two witnesses has been it's own journey)

I decided to buy a new journal. I was gifted beautiful pens. I created a special place in my home where I could go and spend time alone(ish). I decided I would light a fragrant candle to create the mood. I made this my scripture study time as well. Michell had suggested an essential oil that would help me relax and meditate. And, last but not least, I committed to wake up a little earlier to make time for this process. I am not an early riser. The seven o'clock hour is early for me, but my idea was that if I woke up in the six o'clock hour, I was offering a sacrifice and maybe that sacrifice would be honored. My alarm was set for 6:55 ;D

letters to God

My Plan Worked!

These mornings (I will admit they are not every day) are some of the most precious times I have experienced. My attachment to sleeping-in is completely gone. The messages I have heard and the lessons I have been taught have changed me. They have converted me into a new being.

That is what I am sharing here, The transformed me. My endeavor to understand who I truly am in all the cosmos. I had been journaling and writing my thoughts regularly for about a year and I'm sure those writings will show up here as well. My writings cause me to want to shout from the rooftops that YOU are loved. YOU are divine. YOU are created in His image to create and that creation is thee most beautiful and priceless entity in the universe because there is none other like it.

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