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Body * Mind * Spirit in the New Year

The practice of consciously balancing the body, mind and spirit is a force. It is a creator of success. It has been called communion, zen, bliss, wonder, and peace and with more of these kinds of experiences it would be hard to argue that life would not improve.

Serena Wholeness wants to help you take a step in the direction of a balanced body, mind and spirit by providing beautiful and informative classes - designed to create moments of enlightenment (another word to add to our list of "been called"). These moments provide a space for understanding what your personal mission is and which is your best path to get there. By becoming aligned with how your body, mind and spirit unite, your life experiences are joyful and the whole world raises because of it.

To get you started we have created for you a simple but powerful technique. Take a few quiet minutes and tap into a worry or trouble you have going on in your life presently. As you tune into that trouble try to come up with an emotion that is tied to it. You may feel a sensation in your body. You may see in your minds eye a color or an image, try to decipher the emotion that symbol is representing. Once you have an emotion find a comparable emotion on the graphic below.

vibrations of emotion

Once your negative emotion is located follow the line to the attached emotion. In order to bring balance into this situation we are going to take action. You can download and print out a copy of the emotion map below. In the center you will write the attached emotion - the positive emotion. Each branch represents an aspect of your life. Then it branches into what activities create the positive emotion in that aspect of your life. You may need a few minutes to tap into that positive emotion and ask yourself some questions. If your feeling apathetic, you just can't get going, then "reason" or understanding is needed to bring balance. In the aspects of your life how does understanding play a a part? What ways do you need or what things bring understanding? I've added a small sample with the emotion of love.

Once you have created your map, place it somewhere you can see it often. When negative emotions arise, refer to your emotion map and choose an activity that will bring you into balance. With practice the positive emotions become a habit and soon enough you find yourself experiencing communion, zen, bliss, wonder, peace and enlightenment every day!

emotion map

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