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10 things I've learned in the last 10 years

There are hundreds, thousands, millions of things I have learned in the last ten years. I feel like I'm still in the school of Mechelle and always will be, but 10 is a good place to start the documentation. 😆😂

Each of these things were learned through heartache and pain, not that everything was inflicted on me. Maybe uncomfortable would be a better word?? I think Brene Brown called her breakdown/spiritual awakening a fist fight and I know exactly what she is sayin'.

So, in no particular order ...

1. Time moves on. Things that feel permanent never are. Babies walk, young ones grow up, and teenagers leave home soon enough.

2. Most of what is going on outside comes from what is going on inside. It's important to connect with the sensations inside my body for understanding.

3. Perception is not the same thing as reality. EVERYTHING depends on how I look at things or how I expect them to be or not be and these are opinions not facts.

4. I am the hottest I will probably ever be at this moment in time so own it and dare to live it out loud. Stop wishing for anything different.

5. I am made of parts and it is okay. Some parts are my allies and help me serve humanity and some parts protect me in the best way they know but mask the real me.

6. There is a real me. A true self. When I live from this place the world is right and everything is okay. I can see hard things with compassion.

7. Following simple communication practices can change relationships for the better.

8. When I take ownership for how I feel in a vulnerable way, people respond with more of what I am seeking not less.

9. My sense of smell and taste are very valuable to living with vitality.

10. Growth hurts but it hurts good.

The learning that surpasses all others would probably be ...

Anything I seem to be certain about is about to become my next lesson. Getting real with uncertainty and letting things that are uncertain be real has whooped my behind this last decade and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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