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I've been there too

We have all wanted something we don't have - whether that is something tangible, a job title, a number on the scale, or an achievement. Maybe you have achieved some of your goals, but there is probably that one thing that circles inside your head. That one thing that you wish you could have and yet it feels too big, or you don't believe you are worthy of it.

The Truth

Until we are about the age 7 or 8, we are learning and growing within the subconscious mind. In this learning state, information, attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts about ourselves and the world get implanted as truth. No amount of grit or willpower, processes of the conscious mind, can overcome this programming. In order to change the patterns, we have to do it from the subconscious mind.

You are worthy of achieving the goals you want!


When you start to clear the blocks implanted long ago, the world of possibilities opens up. Studies suggest that writing your goals down increases your likelihood of accomplishing them. Having an accountability partner increases that likelihood even further, and I am here to support you with both. But, your chances of success are exponential when the things that are holding you back get out of the way.

I have been trained in a neurological programming coaching system known as an NLP Practitioner. I look for clues in the way you speak, your non-verbal communication, and even your eye movements to identify the techniques that will work best for you as well as uncover the hidden blocks holding you back. Together we will better understand why.

On the Scales
Image by Ronnie Overgoor
Crossing the Finish Line

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Patient on Scale

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