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I've been there too

It has been the norm for most people to be born into a religion and stay faithful for their whole lives. But, for whatever reason, things have changed. Some are hurt by a leader or fellow member, others are detaching from beliefs, and some have been away from their faith for a while and desiring to return. More and more people are struggling to find peace in their spiritual lives. Whether that struggle is yours or one of your family member's, the pain and the disconnection can be overwhelming.

The Truth

Life is meant to lead us to growth. A change in faith doesn't have to mean a change in having meaning in life. When something this big enters your experience there are things to learn, things to adopt into your life, things to let go of and, most of all, things to heal. This is a beginning not the end. Welcome this moment.

Your experience matters and you are worthy of love and compassion.


When you start to heal the wounds that are calling out to you through this experience, you will find that life has beauty waiting for you. There are many moving parts to a faith transition. It is important to work through all of them. Many times the pain is a shadow for the underlying hurt.

I have been though this in my own family. It has been a difficult journey with many ups and downs. My hope is that I can share with you what I have learned - maybe the hard way - so you can avoid some of the pitfalls that are so easy to fall into. Leave your predisposed ideas at home and let's get to the deeper why.

Devote Woman
Family Dispute
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